Who we are

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We are an English and German speaking church serving the international community in Hanau.

We enjoy the diversity of the many different nationalities, denominations, cultures and traditions represented in our fellowship.

Based in Hanau, close to Frankfurt, Charity Church was founded in North Carolina to provide a place of understanding, hope and renewal in a swiftly changing and uncertain world. We work together to experience and share the benefits of the Christian faith with others. And we invite you to discover the acceptance, hope and renewal that we have found in Jesus Christ.

We seek to create disciples of Jesus who are led by His Spirit and who live for Him. We give God room to do what He wishes to do, and allow the Holy Spirit to fill us during our Sunday service while we spend our time in worship, praise, prayer, ministry and outreach to preach and share His Word.

Although we are an independent, non-denominational church, we are associated with our head church in Fayetteville, North Carolina USA. We have a heart for missions both locally and globally.

We intend to serve you in all possible ways by addressing the personal, cultural and spiritual needs that we all encounter in our daily lives. We welcome you!

Group of Young People Holding Hands --- Image by © MM Productions/Corbis

Group of Young People Holding Hands — Image by © MM Productions/Corbis